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solar system for home in Gujarat price with subsidy 2020

Solar Rooftop Subsidy In Gujarat 2020-21

Everyone is eagerly waiting to know the solar rooftop Subsidy in Gujarat 202-21, and  price of Solar system for home. Gujarat has seen a pace in solar rooftop installation with the new solar policy launched by state government .
Under the scheme which was earlier administered through GEDA, residents and industries can get a subsidy of 40% for solar rooftop between 1kW-3kW and 20% for sizes between 6kW-10kW.

Let’s simplify it further:

If a household is going for solar installation till 3kW

Gujarat solar subsidy 2020

Gets 40% subsidy for 1kW-3kW

Solar System for Home In Gujarat Price With Subsidy 2020

i.e households gets approx. 27,800 INR per kW

Payback in 2-3 Years

If a household is going for solar installation higher than 3kW till 10kW

Gujarat solar subsidy 2020

Gets 20% for more than 3kW-10kW

solar system for home in gujarat price with subsidy 2019

i.e Households gets approx. 31,800INR per kW

Payback in 2-3 Years

And it’s obviously high interest rate in the scheme this time as compared to fixed deposit.

With the target to achieve national solar mission know as JNNSM(Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission), India is continuously striding towards the target set under it. The government’s major mission is to make India as the leading country in deploying maximum number of solar rooftop installation.

With an eye to achieve this large capacity of India’s target i.e 40gW of solar rooftop,
In phase 2, New tender is on the way of 2020-21 with capacity of 600 MW for residential rooftop under subsidy scheme.

Renewable energy is the best example of utilizing natural energy and making most out of it, Similarly the target of installing solar rooftop on such a mega platform is the innovative step to use the available space for generating energy and energy is submitted where is generated resulting in less transmission loss. Therefore government has launched a subsidy scheme for boosting large scale solar rooftop system on private terrace.

Solar Subsidy 2020 is starting soon

Pre Book and Grab the opportunity at earliest.

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