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Know More About: Solar Panel and Solar Products

Establishing a green tomorrow requires more than just the technologies that run entirely on Clean Energy. 

Our solar panel and solar products for home and industry have an assured warranty up to 25 years ensuring a safe investment for you.

Solar Panel and solar products

Solar For Home

Residential solar working model

A Rooftop Solar Power System at home will generate electricity for domestic use.

A Rooftop Solar Power System at home will generate electricity for domestic use.

Our On-Grid systems, also known as Grid-Tied systems, are designed to convert Solar Photovoltaic Power into the electricity which can be utilized by the appliances in the house. 

A Net-Meter is a utility billing mechanism and works as a solar incentive which offers credit to the solar energy owners. It is installed in the rooftop system which keeps track of the energy injected into the grid, thereby resulting in a minimal electricity bill.

Net Metering: The energy generated by the solar rooftop plant is first allowed for self-consumption and the excess energy is injected to the grid.

During daylight hours, which are the peak production hours, if the owner’s consumption of electricity is low, the power generated by the panels will be surplus than the requirement. This excess electricity is returned to the grid through the meter, reversing the meter from its usual direction. The meter measures the export and the account receives a credit.

From this credited units of energy, the electricity can be drawn at times when enough electricity is not produced by the rooftop solar panels. viz. Winter or cloudy days.

The net metering and this “back-and-forth” between the system and the grid ensures that the excess electricity generated at home covers the times when it is not produced enough.

There is only one bill generated which will give a measure of both total imported energy and total exported energy. The difference between both is taken and the payment is based on the net of import or export. 

In the case of net export (export greater than import), the DISCOM will pay for the net exported energy. If the import is more than export, i.e. net import, the consumer will have to pay the DISCOM at the prevailing tariffs.


Solar installation for residence is best as it does not release any harmful gases making the environment clean.

Government Subsidies on the installation of On-grid Solar Photovoltaic System.

Take advantage of great Return On Investments in 2-3 years.

Maintenance cost is low.

25 years generation warranty on Photovoltaic solar panels * T&C

High-efficiency string inverters.

Auto on/off sensor

Sturdy and strong Galvanized iron (GI)/aluminium structure

No need to install expensive batteries

Solar For Business

commercial solar working model

Install Commercial Solar Power System for your business needs that can give savings on your electricity bills.

The On-Grid Solar system installed for your business aids in decreasing the operational cost of the machinery used in your company. 

With the units generated from the solar power system during the sun hours, the requirement of power for the machinery is fulfilled and can benefit your business with reduced electricity bills and also credit your account with the surplus units produced which are fed to the main utility grid.

The net meter indicates that if solar energy production exceeds the industrial consumption, the meter measures the export and the owner’s account will receive a credit.

The commercial solar plants can also be installed with a gross meter.

Gross metering: The total energy generated by the solar rooftop plant is to be injected into the grid without allowing the generated solar energy to be consumed directly by the consumer.

Unlike net metering, the owner’s premises cannot directly use the power generated by the solar panels. It gets exported entirely to the power grid, and the required electricity comes from the power grid.

This exported energy will be adjusted against the consumption of energy from the DISCOM by the developer or consumer.

In case of Gross-Metering, there will be two bills generated, one for the total export, where the DISCOM pays the consumer and the other for the total import(regular electricity bill), where the consumer pays the DISCOM.


Solar installation for industries avoids the release of harmful gases and makes the environment clean.

Get benefits on taxes

Take advantage of great Return on Investments in 3-4 years.

Avail finance on low-interest rates

Low maintenance cost

High-efficiency string inverters.

Sturdy and strong Galvanized iron (GI)/aluminium structure

25 years Generation Warranty on Photovoltaic solar panels *T&C

Utility-scale solar power Plant

Solar Panel and Solar Products

Install Commercial Solar Power System for your business needs that can give savings on your electricity bills.

Utility-Scale Solar Power Plant refers to large-scale electricity generation by utilizing several solar technologies – primary PhotoVoltaics (PV) or Concentrating Solar Power (CSP).
Electricity is sold either to the government or an industry/company. Utility-scale solar plants provide the benefit of fixed-priced electricity during peak demand periods when electricity from fossil fuels is the most expensive.
Many utility-scale solar designs can also include energy storage capacity that provides power when enough heat of the sun is not available and increases grid reliability and resiliency. Utility customers have repeatedly endorsed investments in utility-scale solar plants.

Solar Financial/Business Model

Solar Energy is the most reliable source of renewable energy. The world is racing to make use of this technology, especially with the ever-looming threat of global warming.
Renewable Energy has minimal to none emission of the pollutants and so it serves as an aid to make the environment healthy.
Also, the Government of India is encouraging everyone, through the campaigns, to opt for Solar Energy. 

To promote Solar Ideology, the Minister of Finance has informed the public and private sectors to offer a loan at the minimal interest rate to home, business, office and other corporate places. 

For the customers as well as the investors, it’s vital to choose the efficient business model to minimize the risk and investment and also to elevate the Return on Investment.
The two Solar Business Models need to be analyzed in-depth to find out the suitability for your purpose on the basis of project size, financial needs and investment amount.

CAPEX Model : CAPEX stands for Capital Expenditure

Under this model, the customer hires a solar EPC company which provides the installation of the entire solar power system and hands over the access to the consumer (you).

The customer is eligible to claim the accelerated depreciation to gain the savings on the tax.

Post-installation, our expert engineers will ensure that the solar plant runs smoothly and efficiently under an O&M (Operations & Maintenance) agreement.

Capital expenditures are provided by the rooftop owner.


Claim tax benefits

Reduce power costs

Generate your own power

Earn higher and risk-free returns than the Fixed Deposits or other investments

Annual O&M of the solar plant on mutually agreed cost per annum

Apart from these, we are one of the premium commercial solar energy companies and assure absolute payback within 4 – 6 years.

OPEX Model : OPEX stands for Operational Expenditure.

In the OPEX model, System Installation Company will install the complete system at their own cost on the consumer’s rooftop through a 10-25 year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between the consumer and the installation company.

The system is owned by an installer who leases it out to a consumer by installing it on his premises. The consumers may consume the electricity and pay to the installers, a mutually agreed tariff, on a per-unit basis according to their consumption every month.

The installer finances, operate and maintains the rooftop solar power plant.
The installer signs an agreement with the rooftop owner (consumer).

A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) is a financial agreement where a developer arranges for the design, permitting, financing and installation of a solar energy system on a customer’s property at little to no cost. The tariff obviously remains lesser than the grid price.

This lower electricity price serves to offset the customer’s purchase of electricity from the grid while the developer receives the income from these sales of electricity as well as any tax credits and other incentives generated from the system.

PPAs typically range from 10 to 25 years and the developer remains responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system for the duration of the agreement.

At the end of the PPA contract term, a customer may be able to extend the PPA, have the developer remove the system or choose to buy the solar energy system from the developer.

Option 1 – Third-party ownership

Third parties or investors invest the amount required for the installation of the solar plant and the consumer pays for the energy consumed/supplied by the solar power project. Both, the consumer and the investor sign a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) for an agreed tenure & tariff.


No or low upfront capital costs

Reduced energy costs

Better leverage of available tax credits

Potential increase in property value

22 to 24% approximate yearly returns

Tax depreciation

Option 2 – Government-backed PPA

This model works typically for investors who want to sell energy to the Government. A PPA is a formal agreement between state DISCOM and the electricity generator (usually an investor) that specifies terms and conditions of electricity purchase.

Details usually include the length of the PPA (typically  25 years), the price (tariff) for the power from the solar plant and annual escalations (if any).


Minimum system size of 500 KW to be owned.

Fixed PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) signed with state DISCOM.

Up to 21 times investment returns in 25 years

Escalated land value benefit

Assured yearly returns DISCOM’s (Power Distribution Companies) for 25 years.

Zero Investment Plan

This is the most beneficial business model for our consumers.
Solar installation companies set up the solar energy system on the consumer’s rooftop at their own cost.

The consumer doesn’t have to invest in the Capital Expenditure or for the operating cost as well. All the operating and maintenance activities will be carried on by the company without any charges throughout the term of the agreement.

Under the PPA, the consumer agrees to purchase electricity produced by the solar plant at a decided tariff-rate for the PPA term (duration of PPA contract).

The consumer will only be billed for the amount of solar power generated. With a company like ours, the consumers get risk free savings with zero investment.

Zero Trouble & Overhead: The design, EPC and installation of the solar plant is handled by the investor company along with the Operations & Maintenance.

Zero Risk & Guaranteed profits: The customers are not required to make any investment and are only required to pay for the energy generated, typically 20 – 40% cheaper to grid electricity tariff with zero investment on the asset, thus saving money in the process. Additionally, the price is fixed in the PPA so the consumer has security against any future increase in electricity prices by grid.


No investment from customer side

The economy of scale in operation and maintenance costs: No hassles to manage the permits, construction, maintenance and operations, as it would be managed by our company.

Advantages of specialization: The dedication of our company will always maintain the plant for optimum performance and prime condition.

Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at no additional cost.

Auto upgrade to Advance technology: Upgradation to latest technologies at zero costs.

Solar Street Light

Solar Panel and Solar Products

 The Solar Lighting systems are self-sufficient, reliable and independent as compared to conventional Street Light systems.

The Solar Street Lights are the revolution that reshapes the Conventional Street Lights. These do not require an electricity grid or great infrastructure.
Our products have a minimalistic design and we offer premium solar technology at an affordable price.


LED Lighting is powerful and energy saving

100% solar powered

Standalone system

Easy to install, low maintenance and long-lasting.

Steel/ Aluminum construction is durable and sustainable.

Smart city connectivity

Solar Water Pumping

solar water pump by frelit

An energy-efficient replacement of Handpumps/Generators for agriculture.

Solar Water Pumps run on electricity generated by the PV panels available from collected sunlight.


Environment-friendly and nonpolluting system

Extremely efficient and power is available when it is required the most, during sunny days.

No loud noise

Easy to install and operate

One time investment and low maintenance

No dependence on grid power

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