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financial model of solar pv project

Rooftop Solar Financing Service From Frelit Energy

If you are one of those people who are planning to invest in renewable energy.

it’s vital to choose the efficient revenue model to minimize the risk and investment and also to elevate the Return on Investment.

The two Solar Business Models need to be analyzed in-depth to find out the suitability for your purpose on the basis of project size, financial needs and investment amount.


Capex Model
The customer hires a solar EPC company which provides the installation of the entire solar power system and hands over the access to the consumer (you).
Opex Model
System Installation Company will install the complete system at their own cost on the consumer’s rooftop through a 10-25 year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between the consumer and the installation company.
Zero Investment Plan
Solar installation companies set up the solar energy system on the consumer’s rooftop at their own cost.

Who Should opt this?

  • If you are small scale business owner with power consumption less than 100KW Capex is the best model for you.
  • If your business has power consumption greater than 100KW. Go for opex model.
  • This is the most beneficial business model for our consumers

Benefits of Capex, Opex and Zero Investment Plan

Claim tax benefits

Reduce power costs

Generate your own power

Claim tax benefits

Earn higher and risk-free returns than the Fixed Deposits or other investments
Annual O&M of the solar plant on mutually agreed cost per annum
Apart from these, we are one of the premium commercial solar energy companies and assure absolute payback within 4 – 6 years.