Solar for Residential

Our Solution

Solar for Residential

Establishing a green tomorrow requires more than just the technologies that run entirely on Clean Energy.

Our solar panel and solar products for home and industry have an assured warranty up to 25 years ensuring a safe investment for you.

At Frelit Solar, we work together with you, provide you custom design and offer Residential rooftop solar system with subsidy to best suits your needs.

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    Our Process

    Pre-Assessment & Energy Evaluation


    As a trusted and experienced energy consultant, we visit the site to conduct a pre-assessment and feasibility check for solar solution. We assess your electricity usage and offer a solar system that fits your requirements.

    Energy Saving Report and Quote


    After a complete audit and analysis on energy consumption, we provide you report and complete solar solution with affordable quote.

    Identify Optimal Site and Registration


    The foundation of the successful rooftop solar power project is identifying a right site. Our highly trained team will ensure key characteristics of feasible site like No Shaded area, Easy access for installation and maintenance, etc. We also handle process of state permits and approvals.

    Project Execution


    Our technicians thoroughly inspect every single step involved in the solar installation. We make sure our customers are set up for solar system success for years to come.

    Support and Maintenance


    Once Solar system is installed and functional, it requires minimum maintenances to continue producing renewable energy. We provide ongoing maintenance, troubleshoot and correct problems if any.


    • Solar system installation for residence is best as it does not release any harmful gases making the environment clean.
    • Government Subsidies on the installation of On-grid Solar Photovoltaic System.
    • Take advantage of great Return On Investments in 2-3 years.
    • Maintenance cost is low.
    • 25 years generation warranty on Photovoltaic solar panels * T&C
    • High-efficiency string inverters.
    • Auto on/off sensor
    • Sturdy and strong Galvanized iron (GI)/aluminium structure
    • No need to install expensive batteries