Our products are aimed to reduce your monetary expenses, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of clean and green energy.

On grid Solar power plant :

On grid photovoltaic power system is an electricity generating system that is connected to the utility grid .

Details : 

  • Ground mounted and rooftop systems
  • 25 years generation warranty on panels * T&C
  • High efficiency string inverters
  • Sturdy and strong Galvanized iron (GI) structure
  • No need to install expensive batteries
  • Applications : residential under government subsidy scheme, commercial , industrial, third party sales.

Solar street light :

These lighting systems are self sufficient and independent as compared to typical conventional street lighting systems.

Details : 

  • Come with various LED configuration. 
  • Standalone system 
  • Auto on/off sensor
  • Easy to install & low maintenance
  • Applications : Colony and street lighting, Architectural lighting, Highway lighting,Residential. 

Solar water pumping system :

It is an energy efficient replacement of regular hand pumps/generators for agriculture use which works on solar energy.

Details : 

  • One time investment and no running cost
  • Extremely efficient and power is available when it is required the most during sunny days
  • environment friendly and non polluting system

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