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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Vadodara

We are leading energy loving company, taking a new step each day to make India cleaner and greener by reducing carbon footprints and pollution. We offer sustainable green energy solutions in solar and electric vehicle charging.

About Frelit EV Charging Station Solutions

electric vehicle charging station

With more than 3 years of experience, Frelit energy has successfully delivered solar installations to a maximum number of homes and industries in Vadodara.
And,Now to contribute more towards green and pollution free country we are adding Electric Vehicle charging solutions.

Frelit EV solutions offer energy efficient Electric Vehicle charging solutions including AC EV charger, DC charger and Site management system.

We provide installation of electric vehicle charging station including infrastructure, Central Management System (CMS) software to operate and monitor charger networks.

Our Electric vehicle charging station are compatible to be installed in various places such as parking, workplace, fleet, residential buildings, Mall parking etc.

Electric vehicle charging station or Ev charging station, Electric vehicle supply equipment(EVSE) is a electric supply point which charges the electric vehicle through electric energy. One just need to plug in the charger attached to the station to the charging port of the EV cars/bus/scooters etc.

  • Residential charging station
  • Charging while parked
  • Fast charging at public stations

Ev chargers are of 2 type:

AC chargers: Ac chargers are the most simple and best chargers for electric vehicles. These chargers can be easily installed at homes. Ac chargers are low cost and can be installed at malls or parking.
AC power changes to DC power through the onboard charger present at electric vehicle in order to charge the battery.
These are considered to be slow and takes 6-8 hours to completely charge the battery.

DC chargers:
DC chargers are known to be as quick chargers which can be used for fast charging of electric vehicle.

DC chargers can directly charge the onboard chargers present at electric vehicle and thus need not to bypass the low capacity conversion and hence quickly charge the electric vehicles. Takes less than 1 hour.
Due to fast charging capability DC chargers are best to be used at Public ev charging stations inside cities and highways.

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