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electric car charging stations business opportunity in india

11 electric car charging stations business opportunity in india

electric car charging stations business opportunity in india

Post Pandemic, Around 11.49 Crore of People have lost their jobs and that made a drastic increment in unemployment rate.

Whereas the Business owners have recovered the losses they faced during the pandemic.

The increase in demand for electric vehicles has raised the interest of the government to motivate the Indians by giving the authority to the people to set up their own electric vehicle car charging stations by following the guidelines and meeting the standards of the power ministry.

With this government declaration which is very clear that any individual can set up an electric vehicle charging station at their parking space is a sign of independence and future in this field.

If anyone is interested to set up their own charging station you just have to follow the guidelines and find the right EV charging station contractor who can help you throughout the process.

We will walk through the process and components used in ev charging station.
Begin with:

Types of EV Chargers:

AC Chargers and DC Chargers are the 2 main type of chargers categorised into levels according to the charging speed.

AC chargers are Level 1 chargers
DC chargers are level 3 Chargers

The Electric Vehicle charging station idea can be the best decision for one who wants to start their own business. We are listing some of the electric car charging business opportunity in India for EV enthusiasts to start their business in this futuristic business.

1. EV Charging Station

Many Big and reputed Indian companies have started making Electric Vehicle Cars Like Tata Nexon EV, MG ZS EV and Tata Tigor EV. The production and marketing of Ev cars has already taken a great sales in the market but in front of it there are less electric vehicle charging stations.
And Hence Indian government has a plan to set up a 2000 Electric vehicle charging station, which is an amazing opportunity for the people who want to establish their own business.

2.Online portal for electric vehicle parts:

Everything these days is available at online sites and with the increasing number of electric vehicles in India will lead to more demands of electric vehicle parts. Creating an online site for Electric vehicle spare parts can be a profitable business.

3. Electric Vehicle Car Charging Stations with a food court and fun zone:

Electric vehicle charging can take time at least for an hour or more depending on the type of electric charger at the station and If a charging station owner takes the advantage build a cafe or fun zone near where drivers can kill their time by watching movie, drinking coffee or kids can play meanwhile or vice versa that is build a ev charging station near cafe or fun zone.

4. Electric Vehicle Charging station finder app:

 Finding petrol pumps are easy with google maps but What If an app can be developed to find electric vehicle charging stations at every destination of India. This can be an amazing opportunity for app developers to design an app for EV charging station finder and present it to your boss and voila! You can get a good hike or some extra perks for this innovative effort.

5.Use your free parking space as a portable charging station:

Electric Car Charging stations are not present at maximum places right now and if a real estate owner wants to use a parking space and installs an EV charger it can earn them in millions.
This ev charger installation can be done with the guidelines provided by the government.

6.Electric Vehicle rentals:

Just like zoomcars and ola cab on rental , If someone is willing to start a car rental business then including Electric Cars/Buses can boost their business to peak.

7. Electric Vehicle Charger for residentials:

The benefit of an electric vehicle is that the owner can charge it at the home itself if they have an EV charger installed.
So the home charging electric vehicle charger installation can be a business idea.

8. Electric Car Repair Service:

Electric Car is the new concept and any problem in the vehicle can be a panickful situation for the owner, So, If a person who already knows repair service can add this Electric car repair service at the location where the electric car fails or stops working.

9. Electric Car Battery Manufacturing:

As several companies in India have started making electrical vehicles and due to lack of resources they purchase batteries from outside India.
In this scenario if the manufacturing of Li-ion battery packs can be started in India this can help people to establish a profitable business.

10. Electric car spraying workshop

This is the best opportunity for Auto Painters who want to develop their career in painting and spraying the outer and inner layer of cars.

11. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Management:

Installing an Electric charger is the first step of Electric vehicle charging station setup. The backend process related to app configuration, program failure, power cut issues needs an instant solution to avoid problems in the electric vehicle.


As the electric vehicle market is growing everyday the demand of electric vehicle charging stations is the first need before buying an electric vehicle. Therefore It is the best time for investors to build an infrastructure for electric charging stations and earn great income.

If you are an EV enthusiast and want to establish your own charging station. We can help you at each step. Contact us for more details:

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  1. I want to open a electric car charging station in Chattisgarh so i want to take a frenchisee for all over Chhattisgarh so i want all details about charging station


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