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Commercial Solar Installation

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Get an accurate and precise solar design for your industries,factories, schools or commercial property. Visualize a 3D design of your rooftop with solar panels. Acquire a design report containing your solar ROI, Internal rate of return, monthly production, Generation Analysis, System Metrics and Estimated Savings.

Commercial Solar Installation

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If you are planning to switch to solar to reduce the operation cost and want maximum benefits for your industry or commercial property, Get an online estimate. Our online estimate can give you a vague idea of solar system cost and if you want a accurate estimate Get a Designed solar 3D model with all the metrics and data report.

Commercial Solar Installation

Virtual Solar Design

Solar installation is a one time investment and benefits you for years. But finding the right company and best quality without being cheated is a tricky thing and here we come to help you in getting the best with a transparency. We can design your solar project online through video call or in person whatever suits you.

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Restless problem solver of 21st century

Frelit Energy Private Limited is an incorporated turnkey solution provider for Solar EPC for residential and commercial properties. The Company envisions to be a substantial contributor to the sector of Renewable Power generation in terms of Solar Energy, across the country and become leading Residential and Commercial Solar Installation Company.

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Frelit is known for its best solar designing because Designing a solar system with precision and calculation can lead to a perfect system design which in result give maximum generation. The first and major role of solar generation depends on how the system is designed and secondly the panels used. 

Hassle-Free Installation

From the time you decide to have solar on your rooftop, you connect us to the vital responsibility of installing the solar properly without damaging the property and we keep up your trust and get the best done for you. Our team is trained and has installed 1500+ rooftop project. 

Commercial Solar Installation

High Quality Products

Frelit Energy believes in complete the work with perfection eliminating the chance of complaints. Therefore, we use quality products for the solar projects and make strength full structure so that No storms can damage it in any worst condition.

Experienced Team

Frelit believes in educating the customers first. Our team is experienced and understands every solar concept to help you with every little or big doubts. With 3+ years of experience we understand the customer and give the best possible help to you.

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