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Solar installation for commercial and industrial

Solar installation for commercial and industrial In today’s world, the safest and best return on investment is solar installation. Many residents are installing solar panels on their rooftop and getting great relief from high electricity bills and in fact zero bills sometimes. Almost 68% percent of resident rooftops in India have solar installed but still, … Read more

How much will solar panel maintenance cost annually

How much will solar panel maintenance cost annually? The recurring and cost and annual maintenance of solar panel is approx nothing. As the solar system installed is non-movable system hence the chances of damage or breakage are less. In terms of performance, the basic requirement is cleaning the panels regularly and taking corrective measures. There … Read more

solar system for home in Gujarat price with subsidy 2020

Solar Rooftop Subsidy In Gujarat 2020-21 Everyone is eagerly waiting to know the solar rooftop Subsidy in Gujarat 202-21, and  price of Solar system for home. Gujarat has seen a pace in solar rooftop installation with the new solar policy launched by state government . Under the scheme which was earlier administered through GEDA, residents … Read more

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